✍️BIM Governance Proposal Template

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This is a BIM Governance Proposal Template. Proposers are required to copy and include the following sections within BIM Governance Proposals:

Title : β€œ[Roadmap/Tokenomics/Fees/Grant/DAO] Your Title Here”

Summary of the Proposal: Provide a concise overview of what the proposal aims to achieve. This should include the main objective and any significant changes or actions that the proposal intends to implement. The summary should be brief but informative enough to give members a clear understanding of the purpose of the proposal.

Context: Explain the background and reasons behind the proposal. This section should provide context on why the proposal is necessary, including any relevant industry trends, organizational needs, or previous decisions that have led to the current proposal. It should help members understand the rationale and importance of the proposed changes or actions.

Proposal Details: Outline the specific details of the proposal. This section should include a detailed description of what the proposal entails, including any new processes, criteria, or structures that will be implemented. It should be comprehensive and clear, covering all aspects that members need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Voting Options: Present the options available for voting. Typically, this will include at least two options: one for approving the proposal and another for rejecting it. Each option should be clearly described so that members know exactly what they are voting for or against. Additional options may be included if there are multiple possible courses of action.

Voting Process: Describe the steps members need to take to participate in the vote. This should include instructions on how to access the voting platform, any requirements for voting eligibility, and the specific steps to cast a vote. Additionally, provide information on the voting period, including the start and end dates, to ensure members know when they can participate.

Voting Instructions:

  • Connect to the voting platform using your wallet.

  • Select the proposal regarding the opening of vote submissions.

  • Choose the option that you believe best aligns with the vision and strategic objectives of BIM Protocol

  • Confirm your vote.

Voting Period: Voting will begin on [DD/MM/YYYY] and conclude on [DD/MM/YYYY]

We encourage every member of the BIM Protocol community to participate in this crucial vote. Your voice will guide the future of our platform and strengthen our position in the blockchain ecosystem.

Discussion (optional): Link discord https://discord.com/channels/1019989933009682503/1093837658456858667

To create a voting proposal, you need 10,000 BIM. I propose a vote to the DAO

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