How-to series for getting started with DeFi and BIM.

We'll put together a lot of information here to help you get started with DeFi and BIM. You will find links to various sources explaining how to create a portfolio, how to finance it and how to connect your portfolio to BIM.

How to set up a wallet

In DeFi (Decentralized Finance), you are the true owner of your crypto. Your funds sit in a wallet that is controlled and managed by you. Before doing anything, it is important that you always follow these safety practices:

  • Never share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.

  • Never input your recovery phrase to a website or app, other than your wallet app when you are importing your wallet on a new device.

  • Be wary of fake websites, giveaways, or other malicious acts.

  • Download and install only the latest wallet version from official sources.

  • Follow the setup guides of your wallet of preference carefully.

  • Safely back up your recovery phrases, preferably somewhere offline.


MetaMask is a very popular browser-based wallet plugin. It supports Ethereum by default, and every other Ethereum compatible blockchain, such as BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon, can be added manually. MetaMask is also compatible with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.


TrustWallet is a popular mobile wallet. It is user-friendly as many blockchain networks are preconfigured and it has a build in DApp Browser. It is however not as configurable as MetaMask.

Connecting your wallet to BIM

Now that you have created a portfolio, it's time to connect your portfolio to BIM!

1. Click on the "Connect" buttton

  1. Select your wallet from the options

  1. Approve the connection

Finished! You are now ready to explore the world of BIM cryptocurrencies and other income opportunities.

Founding your wallet

Now that you have created your wallet, it is time to fund it with crypto tokens. To make any transaction on a blockchain, such as a transaction on a decentralized exchange, you need the native gas token to pay for it. For Ethereum it is ETH, for Polygon it is MATIC, etc.

On BIM Exchange, various services allow you to buy cryptos directly from your wallet, grouped in a single module for a simple overview that allows you to choose the best option. Simply click the Buy Crypto button at the top of the page to start the Fiat On-Ramp process.

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